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B.Sc(Maths,Physics,Chemistry) T.M, E.M

B.Sc(Maths,Physics,Computer Science)

B.Sc(Maths,Electronics,Computer Science)

Department of Mathematics

This Department was started with a vision to provide the sense of creativity, talent and knowledge in MATHEMATICS & APTITUDE for rural people. The Department of MATHEMATICS was established in 1971 to run the three year undergraduate programmes in MATHEMATICS(MPC , MPCs & MECs). The Mathematics department has also introduced a three year BCA, BACA and MECs courses in the academic year 1998-1999 & 1988. The curriculum of these courses is meticulously designed by the members of board of studies, Acharya Nagarjuna University , Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur. The syllabus for the said courses is being constantly modified to update the latest developments in the market fields. We provide excellent infrastructure and We also conducted coaching for for various recruitment examinations such as BSRB, RRB & DIFFERIENT competitive examinations and post graduation courses like ICET, MAT,CAT etc. So, that our students come out with knowledge in aptitude & verbal reasoning.
Objectives :
• To impart value-based IT education to the students and enrich their knowledge.
• To achieve an effective interaction with industry for mutual benefits.
• Improvement in communication , aptitude & logical skills of the students.
• To transform the students into innovative, competent and high quality IT professionals to meet the growing global changes.
• To increase number of university ranks.
• To increase pass percentage in University Examinations.


Dr G.Hanumantha Rao

Head of the Department


U.Siva Prasad



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